CSA Shares

What does CSA mean?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. When you sign up for a CSA share you pay in advance for produce from a farm that you pick up weekly for the length of the program. This gives the farmer important early and pre-season cash flow and means they know ahead what they need to grow which simplifies their job. For the buyer it means they get an ever changing variety of fresh produce from a farm they develop a relationship with.

How Speckle Farm’s CSA works

We offer a 20 week program, from June 3rd to October 14th
*2017 vegetable share enrollment is open only to 2016 share holders. We hope to add new members in 2018. Egg and meat shares are open to new members in 2017*

You may pay the full cost of the season in advance or pay half in advance and the other half before the 2nd week pick up.

Each week you get a box with your produce inside in either compostable or reusable containers. We need the box and the reusable containers returned when you pick up your next weeks box.

Each week Includes*
Early season:

bunches of root veggies
varieties of greens
bunches of herbs
a bunch of alliums (onion, onion greens, leek, garlic, scapes)
peas or green beans
mid-season on:
summer squash or winter squash
tomatoes and or peppers

May also include:

A bouquet of edible or medicinal flowers
melons, berries or other fruit

*What you get each week will be different, you may not get everything listed or get something not listed at all. At the start of the season there will be less variety, as the season goes on there will be much more variety. There is always the risk of crop failure, we do everything we can to avoid that but it’s a risk that both the farmer and the eater share in a CSA program.

Share sizes we offer:

**Only available to 2016 shareholders for the 2017 season**
Full Vegetable share $550 ( breaks down to $27.50 a week, or $110 a month)
Feeds 4 adults that really like vegetables
Includes at least eight varieties of vegetables a week, with many more during the peak of season.

Half Vegetable Share $325 ( breaks down to $16.25 a week, or $65 a month)
Feeds 2 adults that really like vegetables
Includes at least six varieties of vegetables in smaller quantities than a Full Share.


Eggs and meat must be picked up on Friday at the farm.


Shares are monthly, paid at the start of each month before or with pick up of the first dozen eggs.

8 dozen eggs a month - 2 dozen/week - $44

4 dozen eggs a month-  1 dozen/week - $22

2 dozen eggs a month- 1 dozen every other week - $12

you can also buy eggs without a share on occasion - $6.50 a dozen


Rabbits are $5/lb and 2.5-5lbs

I have fryers, roasters and stewers available throughout the year. When you buy a share you specify the number and sort of rabbit you want and I let you know the soonest availability.

If you want something specific ( for a certain day or a large number) please let me know as soon as possible. Its at least three months from breeding to butchering.


We plan tentatively to do 3 batches of 100 broilers in 2017

Processing dates the first two weeks in May, August and November.

Birds are fed Scratch and Peck organic feed and rotated onto new ground at least once a day. We do not have irrigated pasture but the birds have access to dryland pasture as its available and garden waste.

Birds are 3-5lbs and $23 each

birds are whole fresh, and packaged for the freezer, cleaned feet, necks and organs are included upon request.

Pre-order ASAP. We have to order in chicks and feed 3 months prior to the processing date. 

half down By:

May birds by Feb 13th,

August Birds -April 21st

November birds July 21st



****2017 online sign up is not live yet as of 1-28-2017***

****coming soon!*****


To sign up for your CSA share:

There's a link in green just below that will take you to our online sign up process. You can also email me at specklefarm@hotmail.com and I'll help you sign up for a CSA share.

Sign-up Here For Your Speckle Farm CSA Share

you will be redirected to our share manager website


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