When Food Sticks to Wax Paper: Salvage Time!

 As you might have already figured out, I love wax paper
It’s great for all kinds of things but there are some things it just doesn’t work so great for.

 Like flax seed crackers and fruit leather.

 Instead, use parchment paper. I learned after my multiple wax paper disasters that parchment paper doesn’t stick down like wax paper does.
 I’ve since made fruit leathers and flax crackers on parchment paper without it sticking, yah! The inserts for dehydrators are also great; I just don’t have enough trays yet.

Anyway, if you, like me, used wax paper for something that maybe you shouldn’t have, never fear we can salvage it!  
I hope. 

I have got to be quite good at this since I have managed to firmly glue fruit leather and flax seed crackers to wax paper. 

The trick is to wet the wax paper just enough that it releases from the food so you can pull it off. Through trial and error I have figured out a way that works pretty well.
 It is ridiculously time consuming but I would rather take the extra time to salvage a batch of homemade goodies than see them end up in the compost pile.

The blue areas are where you should concentrate on wetting, since they are the hardest to remove, in my experience.

I use a spray bottle and heavily wet around the outside and inside edge of the round I made to fit in the dehydrator.
 You should be able to see water droplets. Let it set for maybe 10 minutes so the wax paper becomes pliable. 
When it’s soaked up enough water you will be able to peel the wax paper off. You need to work fast once it’s wet enough or it will start to dry out again.
 After removing the wax paper I put the fruit leather and flax crackers back in the dehydrator so they are fully dry before storing them.

That’s how I saved my fruit leather and crackers. What do you dehydrate your liquidy things on?

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15 thoughts on “When Food Sticks to Wax Paper: Salvage Time!

  1. I want to thank you for this article. I had the same problem. I was out of parchman paper so I used wax paper. What a mess. I tried heating my leather in a skillet to see if that would help release it, no luck there. I then tried to steam it with my steam iron. Not enough steam to work. I was just about to give up and toss the fruit leather. Then I thought, there is no problem in this world that someone else has not already had and solved. I knew that the internet was the place to look. I did a search on “my fruit leather stuck to the wax paper.” I found your website. Your information worked wonderfully.
    Thank you,

    1. Woho! So glad you were able to save it, Helen! I knew after the frustration I went through I had to share, so I’m very glad someone else was able to salvage something stuck to wax paper from my experience. I do hope you will visit again!

  2. After reading a few things about heat application, I thought I’d try microwaving my wax paper and stuck granola bars. I did it on high for 15-20 seconds, and it totally did the trick! So, I just thought I’d share that quick idea.

  3. I made the same mistake, couldn’t find a spray bottle, microwave didn’t work, what did work is using a towel, get it wet with hot tap water, wring it out (you want as much water removed as possible), and lay it on the back (paper side) of the leather for a few minutes, when the towel is removed the paper will release the leather. If you don’t leave the towel too long the leather is still almost completely dry on the other side.

  4. You just saved me a lot of time and money, not to mention heartbreak. 😉 Bless you for this awesome information!

  5. This happened to me with a cheap parchment paper. Thank you for sharing! I used a paintbrush and water on the backside of the paper and was able to peel the fruit leather right off!

  6. Thank you SO MUCH! I used a hot damp towel for my gluten free crescent rolls and, though it took a bit of patience, it worked for half of my rolled out dough. I froze the other half for 30 minutes and the wax paper peeled right off, so we have two methods that work. Thanks again for posting!

  7. Thank you so much. I made the cookies for a Christmas exchange at work and couldn’t believe that every single cookie stuck firmly to the wax paper. I’ll try your plan and let you know.

  8. Omg you just totally saved my cookie bark recipe from sticking to the wax paper in the freezer. Took like two seconds too THANK YOU!!

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