Making and Canning Salsa

We love salsa. Fresh or canned, smooth or chunky, cabbage salsa or regular we love it. I make this recipe fresh or to can. I prefer to cook the tomatillos and then puree and add the other ingredients but you could puree them raw if you are canning salsa since you have to cook the salsa anyway

I use my Cuisinart to chop and puree the ingredient. I puree the tomatillos but everything I use the pulse button and just course chop. I add the seasoning, vinegar, juice and processed garlic and cilantro last. If I am canning the salsa I stir in the citrus juice, garlic and cilantro after the salsa is cooked just before jarring.

makes about 7 pints, water bath canned for 15 minutes
Full colander of tomatillos(6 cups?), quartered
6 large tomatoes
8-16 peppers Hot and/or sweet depending on how hot you like your salsa
I used 9 hot peppers
 8 little ones and one large
1 medium onion
1 head of garlic
1 bunch of cilantro
 Juice of:
3 lemons

2 limes

½ cup apple cider vinegar
season to taste with:
Cayenne powder

Chili powder
Ground pepper

The tomatillos need to be cooked. If you are canning the salsa simply puree them before adding to the pot. For fresh salsa, cook and puree them before adding to the other ingredients. If you are canning your salsa cook at least until it boils hard. I prefer to cook it until it starts to thicken a little before jarring. 
I made this batch a few week ago and I’m working on another today, along with prune preserves, yum!

Tell me about salsa in your family, super hot or mild, chunky or smooth? 
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10 thoughts on “Making and Canning Salsa

  1. I love home canned salsa! James loves it too, but I haven’t done any for several years. I’m really aching to get into this kind of stuff again. So much pleasure in eating your own canned stuff. I always have to make two different kinds as James likes burning hot and the rest of us like medium.

    1. I agree, home canned foods taste so much better and hey they are better for you! AJ likes salsa burning hot too but I just make him add hot sauce or hot pepper relish, lol, you area good wife for making two different kinds!

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